Vulpem Ventures OU is the digital agency of the future, with a unique methodology that allow us to deliver high caliber work to clients even without the need to sit close to each other.

Currently working as partner for SingularityNet, Vulpem Ventures is looking for a Blockchain ninja that is passionate about decentralization and cryptography.

SingularityNet is the protocol to coordinate AI services by using smart contracts.
While you are reading this job offering, this project is creating the first decentralized market for AI, giving the world access to an open market as you have never seen before.
The ultimate vision is to make the network the breeding ground for artificial general intelligence.

Must know

To better serve Vulpem's vision and help our clients in their projects, we use different technologies:

  • Bitcoin Core / Bcoin
  • HyperLedger
  • Ethereum
  • BigChainDB
  • Azure/AWS
  • LevelDB/RethinkDB

and different languages:

  • C++
  • Golang
  • Solidity
  • JavaScript ES6+ / Node.js
  • Python
  • R

It's not mandatory to know professionally all those languages, mastering one language and technology is enough to apply.

Right now, priority is for Solidity developers.

How we work?

Vulpem is working to create a new paradigma in the blockchain development, where the team itself is decentralized. Vulpem believe on deliverable oriented work style, with no micro management nor fixed hours.

In Vulpem we follow the principles of an open-source project, with a monetary reward for each ticket (issue) that passes the CI test and the code quality metrics.

A PM creates the tickets, specifing the expected deliverable, the due time and the related monetary reward based on priority and complexity.

The flow

  1. Find an open issue in the issue-tracker and assign it to yourself

  2. Clone the master, create a branch and add in the name a reference to the issue id. Since the master branch is protected (read-only), you can only push to the specific branch linked with the issue ID.

  3. When the task it's done, create a merge request (Pull Request).

  • If it takes more than the due time or you dismiss the issue no penalties occurs. You have till the due time to complete, reject or dismiss the issue, otherwise at the expiration time we re-open the issue for all others participant.

Once the PR is received:

  1. Vulpem's CI system clones the Pull Request in a staging environment and runs quality checks and tests on the submitted code.

  2. If the build goes fine, the Pull Request will be accepted and merged in master.

  3. You get paid instantly on your IBAN in Euro or to a Bitcoin/Ethereum Address


Vulpem Ventures is build as a decentralized company, meaning that we promote remote work. However, there is the possibility to join Vulpem in it's physical offices in Tallinn, Reggio Emilia (Italy) and San Francisco.